I will be wearing very casual ensembles like these on a trip to the East Coast later this summer. Sandals and loafers will not have enough support or cushioning for all the city walking we will do, so I need outfits that work with closed sneakers. I grew up in a tropical climate, so I don’t mind wearing closed shoes in the heat and humidity. I will wear them sans visible socks and with the laces neatly tucked away. 

My first choice of sneaker would have been white Converse (laced or slip-ons), a retro modern classic. But they won’t go the distance comfort-wise, so I had to move on to Plan B: a white leather athletic sneaker like the Propet Washable Walker. Thanks to the Sporty Luxe trend the right combinations will allow me to walk long distances in a fashionable outfit and with happy feet.

Ensemble 1

I’ll pair baggy cotton tan chinos rolled at the hems with a partially tucked white tuxedo shirt from J. Crew. I’ll add a perforated white Nike golf belt, a white leather backpack, and the white sneakers. The luxe comes in with the tuxedo shirt, scrunched at the sleeves, and the ultra refined backpack. I’ll also throw in my blue tuxedo shirt to change things up. 

Ensemble 2

Here I’ll wear baggy boyfriend jeans that I shortened so that the roll finishes just below the knee, like long shorts. I’ll pair them with Boden’s stripy sweatshirts in cream and in red, finishing off the look with the same three part Sporty Luxe complement of white sneakers, belt and backpack. I’ll also pair the boyfriend shorts with roomy white cotton knitwear, a perforated black and white rugby stripe pullover, and oversized linen button-down shirts. The luxe part comes in with the backpack and the fact that I’m not wearing a T-shirt. But it’s definitely the least luxe of the three ensembles. 

Ensemble 3

This formula is the combination I spoke about yesterday: sneakers paired with skirts and dresses. I have three shirtdresses that I will wear big and boxy like a sack dress, sans belt. Two of the dresses came with a belt, but I MUCH prefer the silhouette boxy. More modern, current, casual and breezy. For structure, their length is above the knee. I’ll finish off the look with the same white sneakers and backpack. The dresses add the luxe. One of them is denim and therefore a little more casual, but the other two I chose are made of quite refined fabrications.

All of the items I need for these ensembles are in my wardrobe (see them attached in the Finds area below). I’ve tried all of the combinations and I’m pleased as punch with their practicality and trendy integrity.

You can choose any colour palette for these outfit combinations, and a crossbody or large tote is a great alternative to the backpack. I chose white footwear and accessories because white is pretty, crisp, and bookends the white in my hair. But black, pastel or multi-colour sneakers might work better for you. I also chose sleeved tops and dresses because I prefer to cover up in direct sunlight, but sleeveless is an option too.

Casual Ensembles with White Sneakers