This outfit is dedicated to the wonderful Mums in my Mother’s Day Tribute. The yellow is for my Oma and Tuppy because yellow was and is their favourite colour. The light blue is for Mama, who loved light blue as much as I do. And the small bits of white are for me. All the items in this outfit are new, except for the citron blazer (which I’ve had for a couple of years) and the prescription sunglasses (that are going into their sixth year). I love ripping the tags off new wardrobe items so that I can wear them as soon as possible. But I enjoy wearing old favourites just as much. So when the two come together in an outfit, it’s the best of both worlds. 

It’s not officially Summer in Seattle, but my word it feels like it this week. We’re having gloriously sunny and warm weather, which means that I can comfortably sport a skirt, shirt and pumps — sans hosiery and topper — and not feel cold. Absolutely blissful. 

Summer Yellow - Shirt Side

Summer Yellow - Shirt Front

This Flower Organza Skirt from Boden was love at first sight because of the happy colour, superb quality and luxurious fabric. The embroidered organza is beautifully retro, crisp and pretty. The scalloped lace hem is refined and polished. I sized up because I didn’t want to create a body con fit. The roomier, but tailored fit looks and feels more current to me. 

Summer Yellow - Twins

Summer Yellow - Shirt

I like the juxtaposition of this ultra feminine skirt with a masculine touch, which makes Thomas Mason’s tuxedo shirt a good option. I have the exact same shirt in white, and adore the fabric and cut so much that I had to repeat it in light blue this year. The boxy fit of the shirt is trendier than one that is cut closer to the body, plus it’s more comfortable. I like how the untidy drape and wrinkles of the shirt contrast with the sleek fit and neat appearance of the skirt. Tucking the shirt and scrunching the sleeves provides ample structure, despite its boxy shape. And I like citron paired with light blue because the combination makes my mouth water just a little bit.

Summer Yellow - Skirt Closeup

I prefer the outfit without the blazer because the combination is simpler, highlights the masculine touch of the shirt, and showcases more blue. But I also get a kick out of the “suited look” because I like suits. The yellows are a perfect match, and how fun to have accidentally created a citron skirt suit at no extra cost. Having a topper option is excellent news for air conditioned venues and slightly cooler days (like the ones forecasted for next week). 

Summer Yellow - Blazer

Summer Yellow - Blazer Side

I finished off the outfit with Sole Society’s Olyvia Pointed Toe Pumps in silver suede instead of my go-to white pumps. The silver adds a touch more depth to the outfit, and I’m a sucker for ankle straps. I’m very impressed with these shoes. I’ve already put them through their paces on two client shopping days and they’re very comfortable thanks to low heels, a good fit, soft suede and some Bodyglide. 

Summer Yellow - Shoes

White is my neutral of choice for most Spring and Summer outfits because they make the colours look brighter and fresher. That’s why I chose a white satchel as the finishing touch, along with my gold watch and wedding ring. The new wardrobe pet is a special memento from our recent trip to Boston. It was only after I purchased the satchel in a brick and mortar store that I realized the design was named “Rosie”, and therefore truly meant to be.

Summer Yellow - Sky Close

Summer Yellow - Sky

Modern classic outfits with a ladylike and retro touch make me think of my late Mum. But I also love them because they feel grounding and substantial to me — not unlike eating a nutritious meal after too much tea and cake.