When I saw Angie's cheerful homage to the mothers in her life I just knew that I wanted to find a way wear something similar. How fun is that color combo, especially in beautifully fitting Modern Classic pieces?? The weather has finally cooperated, which worked out well because I did want to wait for my own little gray pumps to arrive before wearing this since it makes me smile to share that one exact element. My style isn't as MC-centric, so I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that my version has a huge dose of 70s (and a little bit of 80s) to it.

My very limited items in yellow and light blue pretty much dictated how this outfit came together. Since my only light blue tops are in the form of periwinkle cat prints (why yes, plural), I deemed this acid washed denim vest "light blue enough" -- of course, it does give a totally different vibe than a tuxedo shirt, even though I buttoned it up To keep the collar put, I've got the ends discreetly safety-pinned down; the pins completely disappear against the wash. And happily I was able sneak a little actual light blue in the form of earrings. The gray pumps in my version are a less striking element than in Angie's outfit because I've actually got gray in my skirt, but the suede still adds to the textural richness. I also wanted to don a similar lip color, so I tried layering two of my pinks but in retrospect I think a pink and red would've been a better combo. Still, the juicy pink shade is totally in the spirit of Angie's watermelon lippie and I do like how fun it looks with this outfit.

The slightly awkward not-quite-ready-for-the-snap center photo is courtesy of me not remembering to charge the camera battery last night ^^ As an aside, I dunno what's with it but my hair is extra crazy today. Not at all like Angie's cool, contained wildness. But I suppose that just adds to how this outfit is me.

I'm super happy in this today, and am thinking it'd even be a great option for the meetup later in June. Thanks for always being such wonderful inspiration, Angie! <3

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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