NYC radio and television presenter Kelly Dillon (30) writes about beauty and her love for fashion over at her website She is a Chanel gal who loves trousers, the colour black and a good shopping deal. Kelly’s style is texture-rich, Retro and Modern. She also enjoys a little hard-edge rock ‘n’ roll just as much as the glam side of the seventies:

“My style has definitely evolved over the past few years and is still evolving. When I look back to three years ago, I see that I have matured and changed so much, and my style has changed with that. I have learned so much about fit and shape, and I now know what works for my body and what doesn’t. As I am getting older, I’m all about classic, timeless pieces. I love having great staple pieces that will last me awhile. I’m also now all about quality. I would much rather buy something that is expensive but made well, as opposed to something that is made poorly and is cheaply priced. Overall I would say my style is classic, chic and glamorous with a vintage feel.”

Kelly Dillon 1

Great irregular item juxtaposition between the dressy coat and sporty Isabel Marant lookalike sneakers. Playful and very now. The strong simplicity of this mixed media man coat, with its low stance, slim sleeves, structured shoulder and straight cut, makes a strong impact. Even more so, because Kelly is wearing it over an all-black outfit, consisting of a thin turtleneck top in a soft material, and black skinnies tucked into high-top sneakers. The column of black accentuates the long vertical line, and adds to the modern urban vibe of the outfit. Kelly’s long hair, very girly and feminine no matter what she wears, softens up and brings lightness to the look. A simple, large tote and vintage oversized sunnies are a fab finishing touch. 

Kelly Dillon 2

This is a gal who is having a ball with fashion! Wearing bold bright red both on the top and bottom reflects someone who is confident in her style choices and is not afraid to stand out. The classic pencil skirt silhouette is very simple, allowing the colour to do the talking. It’s a flattering knee-length that tapers in from the hip and follows the body’s contours. The fuzzy sweater adds fun texture and a big dose of modern. Tucking in the jumper creates waist definition, plus the all-over red emphasizes a sleek long line. Black pumps and a fab black and white colour blocked bag provide graphic crispness, while the oversized gold chain necklace is quite the conversation starter.

Kelly Dillon 3

Now this is an outfit that packs a punch and a half. And isn’t there something delightfully ’80s Dynasty-esque about the head-to-toe leopard print? Of course, heavily matched outfits are fashion forward, and the cut of the suit, and the way Kelly is wearing it, make it totally 2014. The fluit fit baggy trousers with elasticated hems drape beautifully. The low-stance tuxedo jacket is made from the same soft material that collapses back onto the body, which creates soft structure. While the subtle peplum emphasizes the waistline. Kelly’s blond locks echo the lighter tones in the suit, as does the gold hardware on the slightly hard-edge crossbody bag.

Kelly Dillon 4

Blue paired with black is one of my favourite colour combos, and I especially like the colour blocking on this blouse that Kelly picked up for a steal. Our blogger manages to infuse her outfits with a rock ‘n’ roll element that feels “completely her”, like the zippered hems of the pants, big sunnies, and colour-contrasting leopard print booties. She cleverly juxtaposes these tough edge pieces with touches that bring a feminine softness into the mix. Case in point: the see-through material of the blouse, the unbuttoned collar for an alluring peek of skin, and the top knot leaving her neck exposed further add lightness to the look. And there’s Kelly’s beloved Chanel bag, the iconic classic that literally goes with everything.

Kelly is a master at mixing low and high-end pieces, and loves a good bargain hunt. Here are her tips for finding affordable pieces:

“I am very thrifty and I almost never pay full price for anything. I’m all about vintage shopping. In NJ and NY there are so many fab thrift and consignment shops. Some of course are more expensive than others, and over the years I’ve learned which ones to get the most bang for my buck at. I also love a good discount store like TJ Maxx and Century 21. I also love to shop sales. It can be overwhelming at these types of stores because there is so much to choose from. I never buy something unless it fits my style. You may find a piece that really isn’t your style for an insanely cheap price, but if it doesn’t fit your look there is no need to buy. Price isn’t everything. Make sure you are buying it because you absolutely love it, and not just to get a bargain. Stay true to yourself and your style.” 

Kelly Dillon - 5

In essence a very simple outfit, but one with tons of attitude. The full pleated skirt is undoubtedly the centre of attention. It drapes like a dream, and the dark pewter colour and metallic sheen have a bit of a steampunk vibe to it. The cropped asymmetric zip leather jacket brings further edge to the look. By wearing it as a top, Kelly is defining her waist. Exposing the skirt from natural waistline to hem also lengthens the legline. The just-below-the-knee midi length looks extra elegant paired with low-vamped heels. Finally, the already texture-rich outfit is further texturally enhanced with the chain strap and quilted material of Kelly’s black Chanel bag. Fab! 

Kelly Dillon 6

This dramatic, glamourous mod outfit has stolen my heart. The black and white faux fur coat was part of the H&M Paris Collection, and makes a strong visual graphic statement. The soft faux fur looks cosy and has a bit of bulk to it. This is reined in by the well-fitting shoulder and bracelet sleeves (which add to the fun retro feel). Tucking skinny pants into high-heeled go-go-esque boots, and adding a cheeky newsboy cap and quirky oversized round sunnies further play up the retro glam aspect. Absolutely sensational! 

We’d love to hear what you think of Kelly’s chic glamourous style. You can browse all her outfits over at, or check out what inspires her via her pinboards.