It wasn’t long ago that navy was associated with formal corporate wear, uniforms, old school preppy outfits and nautical themes. The traditional neutral was also sometimes thought of as conservative, mature and frumpy. 

Forget those negative associations. Shades of navy, from dark to very dark, have increased in popularity and are making a bigger fashion statement than everDare I say that navy is the new black. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to like shades of navy:

  1. Navy is softer than black. Black can look harsh and lifeless against certain complexions, and is generally a difficult colour to wear. The desirable softening effect of navy is especially appealing as you get older. Many of my clients are wearing more navy, and some have made it “their black”. 
  2. Navy can complement black. Wear navy with black. Ten years ago, the combination was a fashion taboo. Today it’s chic deluxe and makes for a more interesting outfit than flat black from head to toe. Don’t think that you have to choose between the two neutrals. Instead, think of them as complementary shades in your wardrobe. 
  3. Navy is just as versatile as black. This is especially true when the navy is super dark. It works with pastels, brights, muted tones, jewel tones and neutrals.  
  4. Navy looks exceptionally good on brunettes. To my eye this is true of blues in general. And if you’re a blue eyed brunette, navy also brings out the colour of your eyes. 

I’m a relative newcomer to navy because I didn’t think that I could add it into my black, white, cream and sour brights style palette. I also thought that navy wasn’t as cool and strong as black. I was so wrong. Thankfully, I caught the navy bug about five years ago and haven’t looked back. I’m thrilled at the increased availability of navy wardrobe items and I’m consistently adding them to my wardrobe.

I love mixing all shades of navy with black, white and cream. I also like to wear navy instead of black. I don’t think that navy will ever replace black, but it’s becoming as important to me as my old time signature neutrals, black and white. 

Do you wear shades of navy? Do you prefer navy to black? Can navy be a replacement for black in your outfits? Does navy make you feel frumpy? Or do you think that black is better than navy no matter what?

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