Last month’s talk about Fall capsules extended to the YLF forum, with forum members showing off their own Fall capsules based on items from their closet. I loved reading about their process, which outfits were their favourites, the wardrobe holes they discovered and the epiphanies they had along the way. 

Without further ado, take a peek at some wonderful real life casual capsules for Autumn: 

Suz created three sleek and simple capsules in different colour palettes. One in taupe, cream and shades of cranberry. Another is black, white, navy and fuchsia. And a third in refined dark neutrals with a dash of bright white, which was her favourite of the lot. 


Pill, pulled together a tight little capsule mixing up jewel tones and earth tones with lots of handbags. Why not! Wear white jeans year round and increase the outfit options of your wardrobe. 

Day Vies cleverly pulled together a versatile taupe, white and plum capsule that she could wear on casual days at work, date nights, and to run errands over the weekend. She discovered the important role patterns play in livening up her outfits.

FireCracker mixed up waxed skinnies with bling-y trousers and a bit of boho to come up with a casual capsule that reflects her eclectic style persona.   

Ingunn, our Queen of Capsules, creatively cooked up lots of options throwing a skirt, dress and white jeans into the casual mix. She stuck to neutrals and added in a dash of green and cranberry. She then had fun creating a versatile red capsule for early Fall that she can wear before temperatures get really cold. 


Kellygirl‘s compact capsule mixes up tough with preppy in a neat and polished way. She can add many more tops to this capsule to create further outfit combinations.

Makrame created a capsule with her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. Jewel tones and dark neutrals reigned supreme, while white jeans were thrown into the mix too. 

Lisa did a great job pulling together two capsules. The first featured on trend camouflage pants, daring pattern mixing and black footwear. The second showcased simpler outfits in neutrals with green and blue

Joy, created a fun capsule complete with fun graphic tees of Bob Dylan and Shaggy Doggie in shades of white, black, blue and red. She later opted to replace the cargo pants with white jeans for a crisper look. 


Last but not least, Texstyle had a ball putting together her ultra casual capsule with animal print and flat footwear, using brown as her base colour. 

Actions speak louder than words, and visuals of people of all ages and body types wearing outfits is ultra compelling. It’s always fun to see the blog post topics come alive in our forum. Well done, ladies, and thank you for providing us all with inspiration.