Hi ladies, I think it's time to start cooking the Fall stew, don't you agree? Angie has been indulging us the past few days with more than one great capsule suggestion, so of course I had to give it a try. Here's the result after a couple of hours "cooking" in my wardrobe:

I followed Angie's recipe and picked three bottoms, six tops and two toppers. I also picked a belt, a bag and a scarf and two pairs of shoes. I don't have a graphic tee or an upscaled sweater in my wardrobe. I do also not have black oxfords or booties so I tried with some substitutes instead. My color scheme is black, navy, mustard and white with some additional green and red. I have thrown a dress and a polka dot hose into the mix as well. You will have seen many of these pieces before, but there are a couple of new things here, too.

Please consider the following questions, I'd love tho hear your thoughts on this:
What are your thoughts about wearing a lot of white in Fall?
What do you think of the color mix - particularly the green blazer with the mustard?
What do you think of my new houndstooth dress, snakeskin belt and white Anne Fontaine blouse?

I started with my bottoms: 
Since variety is a goal, I picked a mustard tapered & cropped pant, a navy flared skirt in heavy cotton, and my white jeans. I am fascinated by the idea of wearing white for other seasons than Summer, so this is an additional challenge here. The skirt is somewhat an orphan, but I haven't given it up quite yet, and I like it for casual outfits. Mustard pants scream Fall to me, so this choice was quite obvious.

1: My navy Breton. No-brainer, and very easy to mix.
2. Navy cashmere sweater. No-brainer.
3: Chambray shirt. No-brainer. This can also be layered over other tops.
4: Floral blouse with draw string in the waist, 3/4 sleeves. A quite different silhouette, and a very versatile color theme of black, creme, grey and white.
5: Silk blouse with abstract pattern. Flowy.
6: A recent thrift find - Anne Fontaine blouse in white cotton. It has the loveliest little bows on the pockets, and is simply super comfortable. 

I aimed for great variety in fabrication, style and look, so I picked my black leather bomber and the green velvet blazer I bought last year. 

My first choice was of course the new stone colored booties. They are so versatile in my wardrobe that I can't believe how I got by without them. The second pair was far more difficult, however. They needed to be flat, but I only have black flat riding boots. My Chelsea boots are worn out, and they look terrible with the mustard pants. I settled for ballet flats for now, but a pair of booties or Oxfords in black are a high priority now.

The dress:
Another recent thrift find - a sheath with short sleeves, mustard and black houndstooth pattern, and in a lovely wool mix. 

Belt: I've been eyeing this gorgeous snake patterned belt the whole Summer, and when it went on sale, I made sure it became mine. It goes so well with my new booties, too.
Scarf: A cotton scarf in mustard with tiny stars in cream. It's been in my wardrobe for years.
Bag: A dark red/burgundy bag, nice for casual errands and nights out with friends.

The outfits: 
I realized that I could make around 60 outfits with this capsule. Shown here are all bottoms mixed with all the tops, and in addition shown with both toppers. I hope this makes sense. The pictures are grouped in collages, and the top & bottom is the same in all three photos in every collage, but booties/ballet flats, belt and scarf are added in as it pleased me. Not all the outfits are all that fab, but some are quite interesting. Even if I only wear half of these outfits IRL, I'm going to be set for weeks. Seriously, I don't think I need more clothes for the warmer part of Fall! I do need a pair of black footwear, and a new bag would be nice. 

The photos:
#1: The capsule
#2: The dress
#3: White jeans + floral blouse
#4: White jeans + navy sweater
#5: White jeans + abstract silk blouse
#6: White jeans + chambray shirt
#7: White jeans + Breton
#8: White jeans + white cotton blouse
#9: Navy skirt + floral blouse
#10: Navy skirt + navy sweater
#11: Navy skirt + Breton
#12: Navy skirt + abstract silk blouse
#13: Navy skirt + white cotton blouse
#14: Navy skirt + chambray shirt
#15: Mustard cropped pants + navy sweater
#16: Mustard cropped pants + floral blouse
#17: Mustard cropped pants + Breton
#18: Mustard cropped pants + white cotton blouse
#19: Mustard cropped pants + abstract silk blouse
#20: Mustard cropped pants + chambray shirt

If you've followed me this far, I'm very impressed. Thank you! All and any comments are highly appreciated.

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