Artist Veronica Popoiacu (31) hails from Romania and is now living in Pennsylvania. You may recognize her as the lass in red from the S/S 2013 Hunter Boots campaign, a first hint that our blogger is not afraid of vibrant colour. In fact, her clever use of colour is one of her style trademarks, together with her expert pattern mixing skills and love of clean lines. She describes her style as minimalist with a penchant for colours and prints, and started her outfit blog, Bittersweet Colours, two years ago as a natural continuation of her artwork:

“I create an imaginary world, where I like to escape to now and then. It’s my own world in colours! For the past five years my love of colours and patterns in my artwork has been drawing my eye and heart to fashion, that’s how my artistic creations led me to start a fashion blog. You may notice that my art — as well as my style — are very playful, I guess the line between these two passions have become one. I’m an extended piece of canvas from my artwork.”

Veronica Popoiacu 1

Aren’t these the best baggy shorts ever! The fluid fit and beautiful drape took my breath away. This outfit is Veronica’s take on art deco, it has a very luxe feel to it thanks to the brocade shorts, subtle sheen and rich silver and pale gold colour palette. By focussing on only a few characteristics of this 1920s-1930s art style — strong, simple lines and rich colours — she is keeping things streamlined. As always, the devil is in the details. The wide border on the semi-tucked sweater and shimmery pattern in white, black, gold and red on the clutch are a nod back to the architectural shapes prevailing in art deco. The sleek statement ring and etched chevron silver cuff with antique finish completely fit the modern mood of the look. And then there’s the sweet addition of the taupish grey suede pumps with ladylike back bows. The cherry on the super chic cake.

Veronica Popoiacu 2

Lets Dream Together

Veronica shared one of her favourite paintings with us, and it struck me how she likes to use geometric patterns in both her artwork and her outfits. She wore this outfit to an art gallery, it’s a wonderful example of how to create an eye-catching yet minimalist look around one statement piece. She loves a silk printed pant, and calls these gorgeous baggy trousers her “paint swatch pants”. If we don’t count accessories and footwear for a moment, the actual outfit consists of only one other item: a beautiful soft black leather jacket worn as a top. When you go this minimal, fit becomes even more crucial, and both items fit — and suit — Veronica perfectly. The formfitting leather jacket molds itself smoothly to her contours. It has a drapey open collar that showcases her neck and collarbones. Together with the scrunched sleeves and simple braided updo it subtly bares some skin, giving the whole an alluring effect. The cut of the trousers is also spot on, plus the rounded tapered hems drape artistically over the sky-high pumps. The shoes are little works of art in themselves, with the open lace print providing a hint of texture. Veronica tends to keep jewellery to a minimum, opting here for an open silver ring and studded black and gold leather cuff that brings some sleek toughness to the mix. An oversized tan leather clutch, that looks as soft as the jacket, picks up the yellowish-brown colour in the trousers and is all that’s needed to finish off the look.

Veronica Popoiacu 3

Veronica Popoiacu 3 - Close

Who would have guessed this was Veronica’s first time trying the sporty chic trend. I think she absolutely nailed it, and I’m picking this unstructured structured look as my personal favourite! I adore that the tuxedo stripe pants are the genuine article: an actual pair of Adidas zipper hem track pants. They constitute the casually nonchalant element in this outfit that gets dressed up with an elegant military-inspired wool coat in white. This crisp colour is repeated in the very on trend pointy toe wedge pumps. And again in the cropped boxy banded hem sweater. Our blogger has a true knack for putting together ensembles with a strong graphic vibe, and the fun black and white pattern of the jumper definitely helps to play up that vibe even more. A sweet small crossbody bag in bright blue adds extra vibrancy. The arm candy is a one-of-a-kind set of ropey bangles with resin inset complementing the different colours of her outfit.

Veronica Popoiacu 4

By now it’s probably abundantly clear that pattern mixing and impactful looks are Veronica’s thing. She is all for being adventurous and expressing one’s individuality through fashion:

“My number 1 tip is to not follow the rules: BREAK them! Don’t get stuck in rules that work for someone else. Get creative and come up with your own ‘recipes’ by following your instincts. We all are different so we can produce different things.”

This elegant outfit is a bold style statement for sure. The tapered striped jeans and large check coat are both strong pieces on their own, yet work remarkably well together. The trick is that Veronica kept them both in black and white, which creates visual unity. Her two-toned d’Orsay pumps are also black and white, which further continues the aesthetic integrity. Love the low heels here, by the way. And have you noticed how her V-neck sweater and small crossbody bag with simple lines are also exactly the same colour? Another great way to keep the look from becoming too hectic. Opting for a warmer ochre instead of bright yellow is somewhat unexpected, modern and refined. Red nail polish and an industrial vibe silver bracelet are the only subtle hints of extra colour. Good call: no need for extra bells and whistles.

Veronica Popoiacu 5

Ladylike pastel pink paired with shades of burgundy, this refreshing colour combo stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on it. It’s such a refreshing take on the monochromatic look. I’ll admit it had me very tempted to get myself a pink coat too, to wear with my burgundies and plums. Fashion-forward Veronica actually sported this outfit in January of this year, but the colour palette is still going to be big come Fall. And what a fab way to de-bombshell a pair of skinny jeans. Semi-tucking a roomy chunky knit pullover, and combining it with a simple, no-buttons coat with a fluid fit does the trick nicely. Love the high collar on the cable-knit sweater too. Also, can you believe the coat is vintage? It could be in the Zara lookbook for F/W 2013! The entire outfit has an invitingly cosy feel to it that screams “perfect for cold weather days”. The taupe suede ankle boots add extra texture and a hint of earthy ruggedness that reminds me of the beautiful Fall foliage. Sleek leather gloves and a colour-blocked plum with white clutch provide a touch of sophistication and tie everything together. No jewellery required, as the magnificent colours do all the talking.

Veronica Popoiacu 6

Veronica is the proud owner of a superb coat collection, and this fantastic letter print slicker undeniably steals the show here. Stunningly graphic and mod at the same time. Very clever decision to keep the entire outfit in black, white and red — a tried and tested colour combo that designers in every creative discipline from graphic design, interior decorating to fashion can always count on to make a bold style statement. A simple black and white striped top is the ideal support act, bringing even more playfulness to the look. Black coated skinnies tucked into suede ankle boots lengthen the legline and provide urban sleekness. Perfect for roaming the streets of New York. A fire engine red baseball cap adds boyish cheek, while the shiny satchel in the same colour echoes the sleek surface of the leather cap. All that’s left to do now, is don a pair of black sunnies, and hit the city.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Veronica’s outfits. Of course you can also check out the rest of her looks on her blog, hop on over to Pinterest to see what else inspires her, or take a look at her colourful paintings here.