Printed pants have been fringe trending for about a year and, for the most part, I like the trend. There are many, many different printed pants silhouettes, which hopefully means that there is something for everyone.

Printed pants can be made of either soft or rigid fabric. The softer the fabric the better the drape. They can either have tapered or wide hems. The waistbands are either structured or elasticated. The lengths are either long or cropped. Patterns tend to be fairly monochromatic, animal skin-inspired and geometric, as opposed to floral and romantic. That being said, I’ve seen quite a few pants made of ditsy floral designs.

Personally, I prefer structured printed pants with tapered legs, either long or cropped above the calf muscle. The fabric can either be soft or rigid, and preferably in a geometric pattern. The hippie and 90’s integrity of soft wide leg printed pants does not appeal me. I never wore drapey Palazzo pants and can’t see myself wearing the style today. They look and feel too pajama-like to my eye.

I vote yay to Printed Pants, although I have strong stylistic preferences. What’s your verdict?

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