Taylor, who glides gracefully in four inch heels, concluded that these Christian Louboutin Ballet Slipper Stilettos were too high. Ballerinas wear the ultimate high heel when they dance on the tips of their toes, and I never thought about it that way!

Rosee enjoyed how to downsize your wardrobe with common sense. It gave her permission to keep a few sizes in her wardrobe.

Sporting green toenail polish at the time, MaryK was riveted when she found out why wild toenail polish went mainstream.

This one is for Team Online Shopping! Inge found Sudenlee, a site that allows you to shop online from multiple retailers and get affordable next day shipping all in a single package.

Jezebel’s tips on how to alter a thrift store dress are well explained and nicely illustrated. This made Desmo April declare that her sewing machine was the most significant improvement she has ever made to her wardrobe.

Debbiek was inspired by the fact that we are women, we are beautiful, and we are real. She read it and felt great!

Watch this lovely lady tie a scarf in 25 different ways in 4.5 minutes. Great find from Kitty400!

Lisa was enamored by this blogger and her pink blazer. So fresh and fun.

Kari was energized by simplybikeblog, so she biked to work in a frock and sandals. Love that.

Kyle feels hugely inspired by the courage and strength of young and fashionable blogger Stephanie Nielsen, who  continued blogging after a horrific plane crash that burned 80% of her body.

Rae was fascinated by Imogen’s tips on how to emphasize and de-emphasize various parts of the body during photo taking sessions.

The House of Dior seems to be faltering without the leadership of John Galliano. Anna pointed us to the first runway collection sans Galliano’s design eye.

Nikki Parkison’s post on how get your two minute face on encouraged Puffenstuff to give make-up a bash.

Dresslover considered quitting her job after reading that salaries are rising for fashion and retail professionals.

Ever wonder what a year’s worth of make-up would look like on your face all at once? RoseandJoan found this wacky and fascinating.

Joy, who is ultra sensitive to sulfites and other ingredients in commercial shampoos, was overjoyed to learn that she can mix up a batch of her own eco friendly shampoo using baking soda and cider vinegar.

Last, but not least, I can’t decide whether these high water pants photographed by the Sartorialist are fabulous or apoplexy-inducing.