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When an outfit feels flat or is “missing something”, think of incorporating accessories and footwear that add colour, texture, pattern or shine. Accessories with these qualities give an outfit depth, which makes it look more interesting, eye-catching and attractive. 

There are countless ways to incorporate accessories and footwear with colour, texture, pattern and shine, into an outfit. But you don’t need to incorporate all of them at once! Choose one or two trends from a category and leave it at that. Or choose a couple of items across a few of the categories. Or choose an item from each category if you’re an outfit maximalist. It’s also possible to cover multiple trends with just one item. For example, a pair of studded animal print shoes covers pattern, texture and shine. 

I’ve chosen items that stretch the possibilities of each of the categories just a little further. Perhaps they will spark off a few more interesting outfit ideas for your own style. And as we head into the festive season you might find some holiday gift inspiration for friends and family. Accessories, in particular, are a great gift idea because they are versatile, often inexpensive and they don’t have complicated fit issues.


Try a cashmere infinity style and kiss your scarf tying and sensitive skin challenges goodbye. Use a watch face to add colour to an ensemble. Remember that you’re allowed a few pairs of less than perfectly practical shoes. If you’ve fallen in love with a pair of colourful four inch heels, enjoy them on sitting occasions.


Autumn and Winter clothing is especially texture-rich so now is the time to wear those outfits. A patent rain hat with an embossed surface is a great way to stay dry in light rain. Wear a lace collar like a necklace over a collarless top. Add a pair of studded fingerless gloves to a casual outfit to create a rocker edge.


Patterned belts and bags have been my favourite way to lift my own outfits this year. Wear them with solids or pattern mix to your heart’s content. Umbrellas are also more than just a practical item that keeps you dry. Add a fun umbrella to your style and think about how it works with your outfits. I certainly do.


Shiny clothing is not the only way to add sparkle to your outfits. Think arm candy like big metallic cuffs and cocktail rings. Or shiny sci-fi shoes. Metallic and patent belts and footwear, or a rhinestone clutch are other effective ways to add shine to your look.

I would not be able to choose between these four “outfit depth creators” if I had to pick a favourite. I enjoy wearing solid colours as much as patterns – especially patterned footwear and belts. Texture-rich outfits are the way I prefer to wear neutral from head to toe. And shine speaks for itself when you have the magpie gene. 

Over to you. Of the four categories here, which is your favourite way to lift an outfit?