Ink blue or dark navy footwear is still hard to find, but it’s less scarce than it used to be now that inky blues are a fashionable colour. I’m all for retail supplying a wide colour assortment in all wardrobe items, so bring on the ink blue footwear. That way there is something for everyone. 

It’s interesting how bright blue footwear, which I’ve found harder to style in outfits, is more available than ink blue footwear. I guess retailers and customers believe that purchasing black footwear is a more versatile option. And because you can wear black footwear with ink blue bottoms, why offer both colours? Bright blue footwear on the other hand gives you an entirely new incentive to purchase the colour because it’s very different to black. 

These days I love all wardrobe items in ink blue and would welcome a pair of shoes in the shade into my wardrobe. And if they were patent, or trimmed with patent, so much the better. They would not be a substitute for black footwear, but also another neutral that I would wear with black, denim, charcoal, red, white and ink blue bottoms. 

Would you wear ink blue footwear? Or is black your style preference when it comes to dark shoes.

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