Patent leather made a huge fashion comeback about nine years ago. Some thought that the trend wouldn’t stick around, but my word it has, becoming extremely popular and totally mainstream. It’s available year round, in huge quantities, in all sorts of items, and in many colours. Footwear, bags and belts can also be trimmed with patent for a less shiny effect.

You are on Team Patent Leather if you like patent and you are on Team Non-Patent Leather if you don’t. It’s as simple as that. Note that you do not need to like patent more than other types of leather to bat for the team. You just have to consider it a viable alternative to other leather treatments.

I love patent leather, both smooth and cracked. I have plenty of footwear, bags and belts made of patent  and frequently incorporate these items into my style. I also have a black moto jacket with cracked patent trim. I often prefer the patent version of a particular item because it looks dressier and more polished. And since I bat for Team Dressy and Team Polished, this makes sense! I’m a high shine gal with the magpie gene. Team Patent Leather. 

Over to you. Are you Team Patent or Team Non-Patent Leather? Tell us why and no batting for both sides.