The baseball cap is another nod to the developing sporty trend. In some instances it’s a fancy cap, made of leather or wool with studs and hardware. Or it’s nothing but mega casual canvas, cotton twill or denim. 

Baseball caps are no longer a fashion faux pas when worn in an intentionally fashion forward manner. That means with trendy, dressy pieces, luxurious fabrications or tailored items. At least one item in the outfit needs to be dressy, even if it’s just the shoes. It’s also got to be the right baseball cap, which means no sports slogans or the like. A fairly haute baseball cap, for lack of a better description. 

The photos below from retailers are not the best representation of how baseball caps are being worn in fashionable ways. So I’ve put together a pinboard of head to toe street style looks that show baseball caps in stylish action. Do look at the outfits on the pinboard before you formulate an opinion on the trend. 

I like the trend because it’s playful and fun. It’s yet another example of an irregular juxtaposition of different items in one outfit, which is all the rage at the moment. The baseball cap successfully dresses down a look and adds a casual element. Unexpected, witty, and eye-catching. 

To my eye, you need at least shoulder length hair sticking out from under the cap to feminize the trendy baseball cap. Long hair also adds an extra textural dimension to the overall look. I don’t see it working as well on someone with short hair, which is often the case with hats. 

Although I have embraced elements of the sporty trend with passion — like wedged Converse, a bomber jacket and sporty clutch handbags — I won’t be wearing this one. I don’t have the hairstyle to pull off the look and the item doesn’t gel with my style persona. That said, I do like the outfits on my pinboard because these ladies have created attractive and interesting outfits that are just cute with a capital C. 

What’s your verdict on trendy baseball caps?

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