Six up-and-coming Italian fashion designers chat about how they got started in the industry and the challenges they have encountered along the way.

Marques Almeida, a brand known for its shredded denim, and Liam Fahy, a shoe designer from Zimbabwe, are two of the nine designers chosen by the British Fashion Council to receive Newgen sponsorship for Spring/Summer 2014. Newgen is often referred to as “the home of ones-to-watch in London”, so we might be hearing a lot more from these designers very soon.

Fashionista reports that by embracing domestic brands, Peng Liyuan, China’s First Lady, has considerably increased interest in Chinese luxury brands. Browse the slideshow for more info on five names to watch out for.

Fab Links from Our Members

RoseandJoan is becoming increasingly fascinated by the role of 3D printing in fashion and where this technology is going to take us, and finds this website very informative.

K liked this Stylecaster post on “How to figure out what colors look best on you” because it actually shows the different tones for each colour.

In My Joi participated in Tanesha’s peplum style challenge, showing how a variety of body types can wear the peplum look and encouraging women to experiment with the trend.

L’Abeille got a good laugh from this Pinterest page that spoofs the über-precious outfits and poses in children’s fashion.

In this piece Sally talks about how some have perceived her body image writing as hypocritical because she provides style advice as well as promoting positive body image. Angie finds her writing on body image to be balanced, empowering, respectful and helpful. And adds that she enjoyed Sally’s perspective on why she has chosen to focus on the “middle ground” when it comes to writing about this highly emotive subject. 

La Belle Demimondaine would like to share this comic that, at first glance, “doesn’t really have anything to do with style, or fashion, or looking fab, and yet, it does”. She actually found it quite inspirational.

InStyle Magazine is now selling their own white button-down shirts, sized by bra size for a more precise fit. Nadya hopes that someone tries them soon and reports back.

This article on how to wear Fall footwear right now is inspiring AJ to get out her Fall shoes early, especially since Summer seems to be never-ending in her neck of the woods.

Laurinda thought these photos of “guys with fancy lady hair” were provocative — but then if men put in the time and effort to have long hair, why shouldn’t they have fun braiding it?

Celia loved learning about the Balenciaga heritage and enjoyed the message in this blog post that critiquing outfits for a living is about more than just saying you like a certain look or not. It also made her appreciate Cate Blanchett’s outfit for its history, and the art and craftmanship involved in the creation.