Cut-out booties have been a fringe trend for about a year, but have become more popular in 2013. They’re booties with open portions on the shaft area of the foot which is what creates the “cut-out” effect. Sometimes the cut-out detailing extends down on to the vamp of the foot, but usually it’s concentrated around the ankle area. 

Most cut-out booties are casual, but occasionally you’ll find a dressier style, like the Steven Triisha’s. Or a style somewhere between dressy and casual, like the combination boot from Zara in burgundy and black. 

The point of the style is to showcase the cut-out parts, and not hide them under trousers or jeans. That’s why they work well with boyfriend jeans, straight legs or skinnies that can be rolled at the hem, and ankle length pants that are a similar length to the height of the shaft. They also work well with shorts, skirts and dresses if those edgier combinations tickle your fancy. 

Here’s why the style is fab: 

  • They look interesting, fresh and new.
  • They are a practical boot option for warm Autumns and Springs, very mild Winters, and cool Summers. 
  • They are a super boot style for Team Tough

Here’s why the style is not so fab:

  • They are impractical in cold, rainy weather. Although you could wear them with thick hose, unless the weather is very nasty.
  • Wearing booties sans socks might be a deal breaker. You could wear a footie with a few of the styles, or knee-highs under jeans and trousers. 
  • They probably won’t work for Team Pretty

I don’t think I will be wearing casual cut-out booties because they generally look too tough for my style preferences. For a brief moment I toyed with the idea of the white version below because they look prettier than the rest. But I decided against them because I prefer footwear with minimal hardware, and a dressier vibe. That said, I love these cut-out booties for Team Tough. We’ve had forum members like Marley wear them to perfection, and they’ve been a match made in heaven for some of my clients.

What’s your take on cut-out booties? Do you like them, and would you wear them?

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