You are on Team Pretty if you prefer outfits and wardrobe items that are feminine, ladylike, a little romantic, fluid, refined and soft. You might also quite like pastels and a bit of lace, but this is NOT a perequisite for batting for this team. Neither is liking pink, pouffy sleeves, and stiletto heels. For lack of a better way to describe it, you bat for Team Pretty if the “tough chic” trend and tomboy clothing is not really your thing. 

You are Team Tough if you prefer outfits and wardrobe items that have a hard edge. Torn denim, distressed leather, chunky footwear, hardware, dark colours, rigid fabrications and nothing too stereotypically feminine, precious or twee. You’re a little or a lot of rock ‘n roll. 

Ideally, you might like a mixture of the two types of styles in one outfit, thereby juxtaposing pretty with tough. Like toughening up a pretty frock with hard edged boots. Or matching tight black leather pants with pretty pumps and a soft pastel cashmere pullover. But you have to pick a side for this poll by choosing which style persona is more dominant than the other, even if it’s by just a hair. 

I like aspects of both. I love my moto jackets with some hardware, rigid blazers and button down shirts, tomboy style, 20-eyelet Doc Martens, graphic patterns, and wearing harsh black tops. I even have a masculine hairstyle, and I seldom wear jewelry. On the other hand, I also love pretty things. I adore pink, pastel blue, blush, lace, soft silks and wools, full skirts that move as I stride, florals, pointy toe pumps and cashmere. But I’m absolutely batting for Team Pretty. Apart from faded denim I am over distressed leather, items that look intentionally rough and rugged, lots over hardware, and lots of black. I seek a ladylike refinement and softness in my outfits even when I’m wearing a moto jacket and Docs. Despite my boyish ‘do, I’m not seeking a hard edged style.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pretty or Team Tough? Again, there is no right or wrong answer here. You are merely stating an aesthetic preference. Remember that in this game you cannot bat for both teams.