We spent one whole day filming two videos to promote the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone (video 1 and video 2). I was anxious beforehand because I have never been part of a video project like this one before. Having an adoring husband snap photos of your outfit is one thing, but being filmed by a group of strangers is quite another. But the crew was extremely professional and utterly delightful under the direction of Marshall McDonald and my fears evaporated after the first take. Having dear friend and client Meredith there right from the start also did wonders to calm my nerves. In fact, having our hair and make-up done together at 7am in the morning was one of the most fun parts of the day. We talked about big hair, teenage fashion, and sang songs from the ’80s. Therapeutic. 

We shot all over downtown Seattle with a crew of four gents (including Marshall) from Sanborn Media Factory, two ladies doing hair and make-up and Claire, the producer from SAY Media. We started filming inside the Nordstrom flagship at 8am before opening time, where the staff was as welcoming and helpful as ever. Then we moved on to the Dhalia Bakery, Pacific Place, Hotel Andra and Pike Place Market, taking street shots in between venues. It was a glorious sunny day, and for once, the weather angels were on our side. 







I kept the same outfit on throughout the twelve hour stint — white jeans and all — although I had three outfits picked out for the shoot. One was dressier, and the other more casual. I went for this outfit because it was in between the two. Also, the crew suggested I wear something extra comfy because it would be a long tiring day. They were spot on because I was exhausted that night! A big thank you to Marshall and his team, Nordstrom and Meredith for a very memorable and fun day.



 See the videos here: