My new ankle strap Okala pumps have two and a half inch heels, which for me is pretty high. Too high for me to walk around in for longer than an hour or two. And I literally mean walking — not sitting at a desk or a table in a restaurant. 

I put them through their paces for a two hour shop right away because they are that comfortable. Very soft leather, roomy toebox, a cushioning footbed, and a heel height below three inches are part of what creates the comfort factor for my fussy feet. This made the two hour window for the Okala pump pretty realistic. My feet were happy and I was very pleased.  

Last week, I was awfully brave and wore these pumps on a nine-hour shopping day while shopping with clients during pre-selections for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Ignoring my better judgement, I had the urge to test the comfort boundaries of these pumps to the fullest just because I love them so much. A temporary moment of insanity perhaps? So I coated my feet in BodyGlide to prevent blisters, and took along a pair of slipper flats. At worst, I had a backup plan. 

I would have put money on the fact that I’d be in flats after three hours because I walk my feet off when shopping with clients. But the pumps went the distance! The whole nine hours, and I had happy feet. UNBELIEVABLE. 

Analyzing the performance of my feet in these magical heels during a crazy day of fast hectic walking, I think my feet were happy because these heels are extremely lightweight. Their stiletto heel and refined styling makes them light as a feather. Chunky two and half inch heels are more stable, but also heavier on my feet.

We’re always learning about what works for us and what doesn’t. I’ve learned that if a shoe is very lightweight and extremely comfortable, I can go slightly higher on the heel – like a whole half an inch! This opens up a whole new avenue of footwear for me because two and half inch heels are easier to find than two inch or one and a half inch heels. Crazy thoughts can pay off!