I can’t believe that I haven’t officially shared the magical powers of BodyGlide. It’s usually used by athletes on areas of their body where they are prone to chafing. But I use it on my feet on the areas where I’m prone to blistering, like on the side of my pinky toe, the top of my big toe, and at the back of my heel. It works wonders in areas that can rub raw. No more plasters for shoes that are prone to rubbing, like strappy sandals, dressy pumps, or any shoe worn without socks. 

I use BodyGlide on days when I’m wearing footwear sans socks and doing a lot of walking, like on a full shopping day with clients when I’m on my feet for ten hours, at Fashion Week, or sightseeing on holiday when I’m on my feet for up to fourteen hours. 

Apply the stick directly to blister-prone areas of the foot and pop on the shoe. It’s that simple. It feels a little slippery at first, but that goes away in no time. Do not apply to the underside of your feet. It’s far too slippery for that and I nearly broke my ankles after making that mistake. I have never tried using BodyGlide with boots and socks, but that should work just fine too. 

I use the original BodyGlide Anti-Chafe solution as shown here because that’s what was recommended to me. But there’s actually a version made just for feet called FootGlide. I haven’t used that version yet, but it sounds even better.

Body Glide