I am not an early adopter. Once I find a system that works, I use it until things break down or Greg tells me that I need an upgrade. So when I first heard about the opportunity to road test the LG Optimus G Pro, I was anxious and not all that excited about switching to something new. But that all changed as soon as I saw and held the phone. I thoroughly enjoyed using it for a few weeks. My favorite feature is its HUGE screen, which is fantastic for viewing photos and browsing the web. It is also surprisingly light.

Showcasing how I use my smartphone in my work made me realize just how essential this little tool has become. YLF and my consulting business are all consuming, and there’s no way I could get everything done without a small and very accessible computer and camera in my bag while I’m out an about. And that’s the other thing that surprised me. The phone really isn’t about phone calls anymore. I use it much more as a computer and a camera than as a traditional phone.

Clearing My Email

I receive a lot of work related email that requires filtering and action. Blog post comments are delivered to my inbox so that I can monitor and respond to them. Then there’s email from Greg and Inge, queries coming through the general contact form, potential advertisers looking for information, conversations with business partners, and the list goes on. The ability to see messages immediately and respond to some of them while I’m out saves me from tackling a huge pile of email when I’m back at my desk.

Chatting with YLF’ers

I like to answer questions that come up in the comments section of my daily posts as soon as possible. If I can steal a few moments to respond while I’m waiting in a queue or for a client, I do just that. I like to stay connected with the bustling YLF forum during the day, particularly when urgent questions are posted. Some of our members use the YLF app to post their outfits and get feedback. Often they have posted that minute from a store dressing room somewhere in the world, and I love the fact that I can give them immediate feedback right there and then.

In Store

Sharing Things I See

Whether it is an interesting store display, a trend coming alive on the retail shelves, or a particular item that is fab because of its price, color or fit, I love sharing what I see with people on the Internet. I snap a photo or two and then post that on the YLF forum, on Twitter, or both. I do also go through stages when I post photos using Instagram, like when we’re at Fashion Week. 

A lot of my sharing is also with individual clients and friends. I often see something that I think is perfect for someone and send them a photo and a text message.

Sharing My Thoughts

I never switch off! My head is always buzzing with thoughts about fashion and style. It might be something that occurs to me while working with a client, while I’m shopping for myself, or when I see an interesting trend on the streets. I used to save these up and write about them later when they coalesced into a bigger topic, but a few months ago I started using Facebook to post individual thoughts before they even found their way into a post. The phone is with me all the time and therefore ideal for this.

Saving Things for Later

The phone is an extremely convenient way to save things for later. Occasionally I’ll see something inspiring in a magazine that I want to remember to share with my readers or clients. So I snap a picture and come back to it later. More often I am in stores and find an item that I want to write about later on YLF, show a client when next we meet, or just consider for myself. Again, a photo is my way to remember the item, including close-up shots of design details, size labels and price tags.


I love the way my phone helps me think, remember, work efficiently, stay organized, keep my finger on the fashion pulse, and share information with people. Ever since I became more savvy with my phone’s camera I rarely take notes, because as long as I have the picture, I can usually remember the information that went along with it. A picture does speak a thousand words.

Here is the second video we shot of the LG Optimus G Pro in action during my workday. Enjoy!


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A big thank you to Nordstrom for letting us shoot parts of this video in their Seattle flagship store.