I usually wear knee-length denim cut-offs or city shorts that are tapered and formfitting in silhouette. But I’m bored with that shape, and felt the need to refresh this aspect of my Summer style. That’s why a pair of long slouchy dressy shorts went onto my warm weather shopping list in January. I liked the long shorts shapes I saw coming down the runways for Spring 2013, like this white shorts suit from Tommy Hilfiger. Inspired by that silhouette, the hunt was on to find a similar pair. 


Folded Close

Well, it’s been hard to find long dressy shorts because stores are obsessed with short shorts and cropped pants this season. That elusive in-between length just isn’t popular, despite rumours that it would be trending. I thought of hemming a pair of cropped pants to this length if all else failed. Then I spotted the Grace shorts from Club Monaco. They aren’t slouchy, but they are roomy, loosely tailored, drapey, knee-length, and wider at the hems. They’re just what I was looking for, providing a change from the shorts silhouettes I’ve been wearing for years. So I snapped up a pair in cobalt blue because the white was quite transparent and I’ve reached my saturation point with black bottoms.

Front Shorts Knee

Front Full

I love their longer length, which may seem off to those who prefer to see knees and thighs when sporting shorts. I wear my skirts this length. Why can’t I wear shorts this length too!

I like cobalt with orange, or with black and white. I chose to go with a black and white top to debut these shorts because it’s Greg’s favourite combination. He particularly likes what he calls my Tin Tin-esque outfit — with the black and white collared top. I agree with his assessment. Good thing we like Tin Tin. 

Hip Close

The shorts do not have belt loops, so I’m not fond of tucking tops into them. But I like to wear untucked welted Summer knitwear with the silhouette so that I can blouson the tops to shorten their length. That creates the illusion of a tucked top, which makes me happy. 

The combination of a shorter roomier welted top over loosely tailored pants or shorts looks fresh to my eye. The roomy drape is essential to create flattering proportions, which would have been lost had both top and bottom been formfitting. The pullover, complete with attached Karl Lagerfeld inspired collar, is also new and was love at first sight. It’s the Riley Collar Crew, also from Club Monaco. It matches the strict and formal aspects of my personality. 

High Voltage

I also like to wear these shorts with my favourite lace blouse of all time, which is the one my Papa bought for me last year. It’s finally warm enough to wear it as is with a camisole, which I much prefer to covering its retro boxy shape with a topper. The short and roomy top once again provides fresh proportions when worn over loosely tailored shorts or trousers. I have no intention of wearing these shorts with a regular length, untucked top. 

Lace Full

Side Lace

I finished off the outfit with current wardrobe workhorses: white pointy toe pumps and a daytime clutch. No jewellery apart from my watch and wedding ring. My sunglasses are prescription so I only have one pair. And since I only have one pair of sunnies, they had to be iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They’re a nod to the matchy-matchy trend in this outfit. As a lover of mismatched style, it’s taken me a while to get used to the matchy-matchy trend. But I literally woke up one morning and loved it. Just like I woke up one day and loved gold. Style preferences can change.

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