There comes a point when a particular wardrobe item is well represented, or even over represented in your closet, and it’s time to say NO MORE. Or at least no more until you need to replace one of the items. I’ve been feeling that way about black bottoms over the last few months because I have the bases covered and then some. 

Over the years I’ve accumulated a pencil skirt, two pairs of cigarette pants, dressy wide leg trousers, ruched cropped pants, harem pants, a flirty full paneled short skirt, Bermuda shorts, a formal maxi trumpet skirt and straight leg jeans. That’s ten black bottoms that cover both the trends and the classics, casual and formal dress codes, and short and long lengths. All in good shape and flattering. That’s more than enough. 

I wear black bottoms regularly, but they are not a signature look. There are only so many times I want to wear them before I’m bored with the concept and crave lighter bottoms. I also prefer my dressy black bottoms to the casual styles, and there are even fewer occasions when those come out to play. That’s why I’ve reached my wardrobe saturation point with the item.

Items like white shirts, on the other hand, are nowhere near reaching their saturation point even though I have six of them in an assortment of styles. They are a signature look for me. Weather permitting, I could wear them daily in all sorts of ways and not tire of the concept.  

It’s not the quantity of an item type that makes you reach your saturation point, but your ability to wear it frequently and with enthusiasm. That’s why no matter how much I fall in love with the black bottoms pictured here, I must stay strong and not purchase them. It’s wasted money after I’ve reached my wardrobe saturation point. 

Which items have reached their saturation point in your wardrobe?

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