Faux fur is in style every year. You’ll see entire garments like coats, vests, shawls and jackets made out of faux fur. Or it’s used as a trim on those items, as well as on footwear and accessories. Faux fur is often neutrally toned because it resembles real fur more closely that way. But you’ll also find it in all sorts of colours just for fun. 

Last year was a particularly huge faux fur season. Faux fur vests, jackets and coats galore. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re off faux fur because of the retail saturation. That’s certainly one way to wean you off a trend. 

I have loved faux fur since I was little. I’ve always had something faux fur in my wardrobe, be it in the form of a full garment or as a garment trim. I like the texture of soft faux fur and its dramatic effect, although I’m fussy about the type that tickles my fancy. Not too hairy, not too plush, and not too reminiscent of real fur. I like faux fur to look a bit artificial, retro and fun. I also prefer it in full garment form as opposed to a trim. I like it in neutrals and colours. At the moment I don’t have a lot of faux fur in my wardrobe at all. One retro vest and that is it. That’s okay because small doses of faux fur is fine by me. I vote yay. 

My clients differ greatly about their feelings on faux fur. Some prefer real fur, while others can’t stand fur in any shape or form. Others will wear faux fur as a trim but not as a garment. Some will wear faux fur as a garment or trim and love every second of it. 

What’s your verdict?