You are on Team ’80s if you prefer ’80s fashion or ’80s inspired fashion. You are on Team ’60s if you prefer ’60s fashion or ’60s inspired fashion. Note: today’s fashion that is inspired by the decade but not actually of that decade counts towards your preference. 

This is hard. Apart from today’s fashion, these are my favourite fashion eras. I love ’60s fashion because the start of the era is very ladylike, polished and dressy, whereas the latter part is mod, graphic and fun. 

I love ’80s fashion because 1981 is when I first started to really enjoy fashion. Throughout high school, when I wasn’t wearing a school uniform or horse riding gear, I was experimenting with fashion. It was the era of the music video and I savoured every fashion statement that was made by my pop icons at the time. Oh, how fab we thought we looked in our hectically oversized tops and jackets, shoulder pads, studded belts, neon, colour blocked pumps, teased and peroxided hair, ultra violet lipstick, flat oxfords, pleated high-waisted pants, and jeans that nearly cut off our circulation. I had so much fun with fashion in the ’80s. 

Today I still gravitate towards styles with a ’60s or ’80s vibe, although the incarnations are modern and current. Both eras hold a very special place in my heart. But I’m determined not to be benched this week so I’m going with Team ’80s because I’m especially nostalgic about the decade. Those magical style feelings when you’re a teen are very memorable.

Over to you. Are you Team ’80s or Team ’60s? If neither eras appeal to you, or you can’t decide between the two, you’re sitting this one out on the bench with lemon meringue pie, coconut macaroons and a cup of Lady Grey tea.