After yesterday’s bright and simple look, a textured neutral outfit felt right for today. It was warm and once again, no jacket required, but I did need a layer for the air conditioning. 

I wore a black high-necked form fitting midi dress with cropped faux fur waistcoat and stacked Kate Spade pumps. As a relatively new, but loyal member of Team Gold, I finished off the look with gold accessories. In fact, you’re going to see gold accessories throughout my time here in NYC because that’s all I brought with me. 

I’ve been looking for a faux fur waistcoat for ages because I like the retro integrity of the style. But nothing fitted well and the fur almost always aggravated my nose. But you know how it is, when you stop looking for something it appears out of the blue. This one was even on sale. I like how I can wear it casually with jeans and boots, or dress it up with a frock. An acquired tasted, but to me a fun piece.

Ms. Valentino brought colour to the outfit and stole the show. She was the subject of many a fashion week photographer today and I proudly showed her off to their camera lenses. If only they knew that the best part about Ms. Valentino was the spirit in which she was received.

It’s Fashion Week tradition that I meet up with Dianna, the Budget Babe. We spent part of the day together yakking up a storm about weddings, dogs and the blogging world. We also watched the Rebecca Taylor show together and went backstage afterwards. Rebecca was very friendly and I was thrilled to get the chance to congratulate her on her beautiful collection before she was whisked away.

Later Greg and I walked along the outskirts of Central Park, where these photos were taken. It was a delightful day, not least because I swapped out my heels for flats and had happy feet for the rest of the afternoon.