We spoke about sassy sweatshirts a few months ago. Well, they’ve just become sassier. Hello sweatshirts bedazzled with studs, rhinestones, beads and sequins. Some of them are even coated with a metallic layer for extra glitz. 

Wear a blingy sweatshirt with jeans, leather bottoms, combat pants, trousers or a skirt. I also like them layered over an untucked white or plaid shirt. Of course, some sweatshirts are more embellished than others. Go subtle, hectic, or somewhere in between. 

Most of my clients enjoy wearing soft knitted tops that are “an easy pull on and go” for casual wear. So I’ve been suggesting sweatshirts with bling as a fashionable alternative. Just for fun and to change things up from the casual tops they usually wear. 

Some clients have embraced the blingy sweatshirt wholeheartedly, whereas others are not at all convinced. I understand the latter viewpoint because sweatshirts are extremely casual — why adorn them with formal bling and then wear them both casually or with dressy items? It’s dress code confusion. 

Thing is, juxtaposing very casual with very dressy in one outfit is probably the look of our fashion era. And the juxtapositions become more extreme each year. High top sneakers matched with dressy skirts. Flannel shirts worn under sequin vests. Distressed jeans worn with patent stilettos. Ball gowns worn with rugged boots. Track pants worn with silk blouses. T-shirts worn under tuxedo jackets. Sweatshirts worn with heels. All in the name of fashion. 

Although I am not into wearing any form of sweatshirt because I just don’t wear knitted tops other than knitwear (sweaters), I love this concept. I vote yay for fashionable blingy sweatshirts. What’s your verdict?