I have a leave no retail stone unturned philosophy and I take my clients shopping at a wide range of retailers. But we always pop into Nordstrom and the Rack because they stock many different brands, which means a large assortment of sizes, fits, style sensibilities, fabrications, quality levels, colours and price points — all in once place. We are very likely to find something that works for my client.

Long story short, I’m in Nordies often and I know their merchandise quite well. So over the next six weeks, I’ll be sharing my top picks for some areas of their range that catch my eye. I’m kicking off the series with a list of my favourite fancy jackets: 

  • Heed Lace Necklace Jacket: A fitted lace jacket with bling in midnight blue that is every bit as romantic and dandy as it is on trend. It’s avant-garde pieces like this that have high longevity and are always in style. I love the longer back hem and cascading silhouette. You might need to size up a size.
  • Topshop Floral Print Open Front Blazer: This one double duties into Spring (and Summer if you live in Seattle). I adore the modern and masculine vibe of the low stance and welted pockets. 
  • Truth & Pride Coated Lace Bomber Jacket: Bomber jackets are fringe trending, and this one is on my wish list because of its boxy and boyish cut. Perfect juxtaposition with the feminine lace. Fab over a pencil skirt, leather track pants, slouchy trousers, or jeans. 
  • Juicy Couture Convertible Tuxedo Tail Jacket: Dramatic and theatrical. The tails are detachable, which means that you score a cropped tuxedo jacket at the same time. Wear it over jeans, trousers, a pencil skirt or sheath dress with the tails attached.

Jackets transform an outfit like no other piece. To my mind, more so than even a great pair of shoes. Their structure and attitude set the mood of an outfit, which is why I feel powerful and pulled together when I am wearing one. 

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