Bulky boots can take up a lot of space in your luggage. With the foldable welly, Hunter has now come up with a practical solution to this problem.

Seattle based company Iva Jean has redesigned wardrobe staples like the classic pencil skirt to help women stay stylish while biking to work. On the accompanying blog they often feature innovative and fun cyclewear, so be sure to check that out as well.

If you love to wear brooches, but are worried about poking holes in your favourite clothes, then you might want to give Lexi Beasley’s “magnet tutorial” a try.

Fab Links from Our Members

On The Trendy Purse you can browse an online inventory of over 23,000 items. Isabel is in handbag heaven.

Annagybe recommends this article on the concept of slow fashion that highlights ten brands that are doing it right.

In honour of the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary, Marlene1 wants to share this NYT slideshow showing their style through the years.

If you’re a tartan, argyle and tweed lover, you have to check out Chanel’s pre-Fall 2013 Collection. Although the outfits are far too maximal for Angie’s own style, the mixture of texture and pattern is inspiring. Plus, all the models are wearing flat booties. Hallelujah!

Laurinda found this collection of black and gold images on Habitually Chic a great inspiration for festive outfits.

QfBrenda loved how Sally summed up so much Winter dressing advice in one single post.

Can you imagine owning a pair of shoes or a wallet made from the famed old Russian leather, a high-quality material that nobody has ever been able to duplicate. Talk about rare materials, says Vildy.

Nadya enjoyed reading about American Giant, a startup that is trying to make a better hoodie, and is making it in the US to boot.

Ironkurtin is always happy to come across suggestions for fab maternity wear, as she would have killed for something so comfortable and stylish while she was pregnant.