Weather permitting, we walk Rosie on most afternoons. She’s a senior little pup so our walks are not at all strenuous. No hiking, running or power walking. This means that I can stay in the outfit that I am wearing for the day, be it casual, smart casual or business casual, but swap out the shoes if necessary. 

Here I’m wearing a casual outfit. It’s a typical combination for me on a warm, relaxed Summer’s day when I am not with clients. Clamdiggers plus roomy blouse and ballet flats with an extra topper if it’s chilly in the morning. Easy and minimal.

I have a thing for loosely fitting, classic linen shirts and ensure that I have a couple in my wardrobe every Summer. I love the way they slouch and crease, and look sculpturally crushed on a sunny Summer’s day. The perfect shirt in linen from J. Crew that made my top picks list last month lives up to it’s name. It is perfect. Breezy, ever so slightly tailored, lightweight, and the sleeves are scrunch-tastic. I chose neon pink because the colour makes me happy.

I like matching linen shirts with denim bottoms, and especially white denim because it amps up the crisp-factor. I prefer to wear my linen shirts un-tucked and boxy because that’s the point! I also prefer to wear closed shoes in the Summer time so that’s why I’m in ballet flats and not sandals. Gold watch,  white specs and a very matchy-matchy printed handbag are enough to accessorize the outfit. I almost left off the hectically matched handbag, but thought what the heck. Why not. 

I broke my own rule by wearing two linen items at once — the citron pullover is made of linen yarn. I like this shade of yellow with pink, so I’m fine with looking extra slouchy and creased on top on a casual day.

Rosie matched me by wearing her pink collar that day. It was a coincidence that her yellow harness also matched my outfit. This combination is our nod to the matchy-matchy trend that has been showcased all over the runways this year. I’m honoured to be walking with such a stylish and coordinated furry little lady. 

I am 100% ok with wearing impractical white bottoms and white shoes on a walk in the park. First, I don’t find that white leather shoes get all that grubby if you stay out of the mud and puddles. Second, I’m polished, but not precious. Rosie can sit on my white lap, jump up on me with her cute little grass stained paws, and crease me up even further. Nothing gets between me and our doggies, least of all white clothing. Our wardrobe items are there for us, not us for them. A laundry cycle will sort out the any residues from the park in two ticks. 

It is with a happy, but heavy heart that I wrote this post. Just like her sister Jasmine, our 12 year old Rosie has congestive heart disease. She has her good days and her not so good days. So far, thankfully, her days have been mostly good. Rosie’s favourite things in the world are walks and chicken. Seeing her so very, very happy in these photos warms our hearts. Here’s to many more days filled with walks and chicken for our precious little pup.