Whether it is loud plaids and checks, or subtle snakeskin and herringbone tweed, patterns pack a vibrant punch that can add a fun finishing touch and make your outfit more interesting. Patterned footwear, belts and bags are an especially worthwhile investment because they work equally well for all levels of pattern adopters. 

To use a summery metaphor, you can…

  • Dip your toes: If you prefer pattern in small doses, introduce it with footwear, belts and bags alone. This is a much more subtle effect than wearing pattern on clothing items.
  • Go for a swim: If you’re starting to get into patterns a little more, but colour is not your thing, combine solid, neutral clothing items with patterned, neutral footwear, belts and bags. You will create the next level of visual interest without compromising your preferred neutral style palette. On trend, but within your comfort zone.
  • Dive in head first: If you are a bold pattern mixing warrior, then use patterned footwear, belts and bags to amplify the pattern mixing that you already have going on in your clothing items. No need for subtlety if that’s not your style.

If you fancy the idea of incorporating pattern into your style, this is the year to do it. There is patterned EVERYTHING available in stores and the trend will carry through into the Fall. 

I love wearing patterned belts and shoes at the moment because they make my older clothes feel refreshed and “new”. I’ve moved over to Team Tuck, which means showcasing patterned belts with a tucked in top. Patterned satchels and clutches are close to my heart because I love to hold pretty packages of energy. 

As much as I adore solids, there is something about the boldness of patterned wardrobe items that energize my spirit and make me happy. I like to wear patterned footwear, belts and bags just as much as patterned clothing. Sometimes I mix up patterned shoes and accessories with solids, and sometimes with patterned clothing. I love it all! 

Do you wear patterned footwear, belts and bags? If so, how do you like to mix them up in outfits? If you don’t wear patterned shoes and accessories, why not?