Woven linen items are breathable and warm weather friendly. They also look gorgeously relaxed in an unexpectedly sophisticated way. Yet woven linen clothing creases, and creases and creases, all day long. 

If you wear woven linen clothing, you have to be at peace with these creases and accept them as part of the look. The creases do in a strange way also have their appeal. I love linen shirts (the J. Crew example shown here), linen jackets and linen scarves, and have worn them throughout my adult life. I will happily wear those linen items again, paired with items that look extra crisp and do not crease. One crazily creased item per outfit is enough for me, and only on the top part of my body. Although I’ve worn linen trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses in the past, I don’t want to wear them again. These days I am less tolerant of crazy creasing on my bottom half. 

Linen knitwear like pullovers and cardigans seem to crease in a more forgiving way than their woven buddies. I really like the look of breezy and slubby linen knitwear but have yet to purchase a piece. The extra casual integrity always seems to stop me from making that final purchase. Yet I have no problem purchasing a linen button down shirt. I guess the structure of a shirt makes it more crisp than an item of knitwear. 

Wearing sleeved linen tops is another way to stay cool and covered. I remember how my late Mum liked to wear lightweight cotton and linen shirts or knitwear with rolled up sleeves in hectic Hong Kong and Cape Town heat. She maintained that she needed covering protection from the sun no matter what, and that’s why she did not like to wear sleeveless items. 

Do you wear linen pieces? If so, which linen pieces do you like the most? Do you like the look but loathe the high crease quotient? Or do you not care for linen at all?