I can’t believe it has been six years since we published my first blog post, and it’s been one heck of a ride. It’s hard to believe that what started out as a tiny blog would eventually become a bustling social community that connects woman from all over the world. And I owe so much of YLF’s success to Greg, who suggested that I start a blog when I didn’t even know what a blog was. Greg also designed, updated and maintained this site while he was still full time at Microsoft. This was his labour of love to me. Incredible.

I’ve always known that fashion and style was my passion, hence all my years as a fashion buyer. But I only realized recently that what I enjoy most is helping others to find their style and look and feel their best. My work is enormously satisfying and fuels both my head and my heart. That said, I’m glad that I was a fashion buyer first, because the experience helps me crystallize my thoughts as a fashion stylist. 2012 marks my 20 years in the almighty Rag Trade, and I am definitely in it for the long haul. 

I am not someone who thinks in words, likes to write, or is motivated to improve my writing style. Yet I write a lot — nine blog posts a week and many replies in the forum. I love to yak and have strong opinions about fashion and style. So as long as I think of each blog post and forum reply as having a short and fun conversation with you, I enjoy the process. 

When you put your opinions and outfits on the internet, you have to develop a fairly thick skin — especially when it comes to a subjective and intensely personal topic like fashion and style. People won’t always agree with what you say, or like what you wear. Of course, this is understandable even when the comments are less than tactful. But generally, we are lucky to have a readership that is very supportive and respectful. I am constantly broadening my horizons and learning new and wonderful things. 

I think about YLF all the time. It’s virtually impossible to switch off because writing the content is an ongoing thing. Working with my clients provides a constant flow of inspiration and I always have at least five post ideas in my head at one time, along with outfit ideas and style inspirations. I don’t do a great job of writing things down, and things fall through the cracks for sure. I rely far too much on my memory and it’s going to let me down big time one of these days. (Note to self: write things down!)

Last but not least, don’t believe those who say that you should never work with your spouse! This type of working relationship is not for everyone, but it does work for Greg and me. One of the best parts about YLF is that I am able to share it with my soulmate. 

As we say over and over again, YOU are what makes YLF a special place. Your thoughtful, witty, supportive, intelligent and insightful contributions in the blog comments and forum posts enriches our lives. You continue to generously share your knowledge and wisdom with energy and verve. Some of you have been with us for six years, and I can’t adequately express how humbling that feels. 

With Jasmine in our hearts, Greg, Rosie and I extend a gigantic thank you to all our subscribers, forum members, daily readers and occasional visitors. You make YLF an exceptional community.