It’s hard to find tops that are breezy, yet covered because the fashion industry assumes that we all want to wear skimpy sleeveless tops when temperatures soar. Although sleeveless tops are airy and excellent in hot weather, we also have the right to not bare our arms. Staying cool with arm coverage requires lightweight items breathable sleeves, some of which are best layered with a camisole or tank top. 

Cotton-rich pointelle knitwear in fine gauge yarns, like the examples here, can be a good way to go. Some styles are tailored while others are unstructured. The holes that are created by the knitting stitch are ventilating, providing zero warmth and insulation. And the larger the holes, the cooler the top. 

I remember having a white, boxy three quarter-sleeved pointelle sweater many years ago that I wore with white jeans. It had huge holes and felt like I was wearing nothing more than the tank top.