Trouser suits in bright, mid-tone and pastel colours were big in the ’80s and early to mid ’90s. You can spot them at goodwill and thrift stores quite easily, complete with crazy shoulder pads, oversized buttons and huge lapels. 

I wore a mid tone apple green trouser suit in 1993 which evoked both positive and negative comments when worn to work (I was a fashion buyer at the time). Even Greg, who was not my husband yet, said that I looked like a lime milkshake in this suit. Greg loves lime milkshakes so I took it as a compliment. I adored that suit and was sad when we parted ways. 

Non-neutral trouser suits in all sorts of colours, from brights to pastels, have been trickling through to retail stores over the last six months. This trend is very fringe at the moment, and might just stay that way. 

Of course, you can purchase the suit and wear it as separates if you don’t like the idea of sporting the same colour and fabrication both on the top and bottom. Somehow though, I really like the idea of wearing the combination as a suit. There is something about this trend that looks fresh, fab and fun to my eye, probably because most suits have been neutrally toned forever. My wardrobe would definitely welcome a modern non-neutral trouser suit in a mid tone or bright if the right one came my way.

Would you wear a non-neutral trouser suit? If so, which colour would you choose? Or do you think they are awful no matter how you slice and dice it. Are non-neutral trouser suits office-appropriate, or are neutrals the only way to go?