You are on Team Socks if you prefer to wear footwear with socks and/or hosiery. You are on Team No Socks if you prefer to wear footwear without socks. Note: if you “cheat” and wear invisible footies, “no show socks” or sock liners, you’re on Team No Socks. 

I like wearing ballet flats, loafers, low heeled pumps and flat oxfords without socks. I also wear a few pairs of booties sans socks. I never wear footies because they seem to slip off my feet no matter what. I do not like wearing sandals at all. They eventually start rubbing, my feet get cold in air conditioning, and wearing sandals with socks, although more comfortable, is not suited to my style persona.  

I LOVE wearing socks with closed shoes like boots and booties because my feet are instantly more happy with the extra coverage. No rubbing, instant warmth, protection from the elements, and cozy comfort. I even prefer to wear my house slippers with socks. I also like to wear hosiery, although I don’t find it as comfortable was wearing socks with footwear.

So although I do wear footwear sans socks some of the time, I’m more often in socks and I prefer their cozy comfort. I am on Team Socks.

Over to you. Are you on Team Socks or on Team No Socks. Tell us why and no batting for both teams.