Peplums seem to waft in and out of fashion every few decades. The last time they were big was in the ’80s, which is when I wore one most recently. I felt ever so grown up in a floor length red peplum gown that I’d worn to a high school dance with low black heels, big hair and copper jewelry. Peplums are back both for Spring and Autumn 2012, and at this stage it’s anyone’s guess as to how fringe or mainstream the trend will be. 

A peplum is a skirted flounce that is attached to the waistline of a dress, shirt, top or jacket. You’ll even find peplums on trousers. Peplums come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are ruffled and frilly, while others look more sculpted and architectural. Some peplums are subtle, while others make a huge statement. 

The right peplum silhouette balances out proportions quite effectively. It can add bulk to the bottom half of an inverted triangle. OR, surprisingly it can camouflage the broader lower half of a pear shaped body type. 

I like peplums on dresses, jackets and tops as long as they look more streamlined and less “frilly and full”. The long sleeved orange dress is a good example of the type of peplum that tickles my fancy. I like them less on skirts, but do not dislike the look either. I am a cautious yay vote for peplums. 

What’s your verdict?  Would you wear an item with peplum detailing?