Los Angeles native MaryK recommends browsing through Studio of Style, a Los Angeles based blog that takes an intricate look at LA Style. It includes updates on  museum openings as well as fashion, travel, home decor, celebrities, old movies, artists, and so much more. I enjoyed looking through this fun blog.

Laurinda suggests taking a peek at the interesting head gear on these ladies.

Inge had to do a double take when she set eyes on these AMAZING comic strip bags by Jump From Paper while browsing through Izismile. My goodness! I had to look at those bags 10 times before I could believe that they were three dimensional. Mind blowing. 

After reading the “Retailer’s guide to being a jerk and manipulating consumers” on Empty Emptor, Sharon questions whether there are retail stores who are upfront about their practices and sell good quality clothing.

Anna recommends reading how Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was kept a secret on Grazia Daily.

Lisa likes these make-up organization tips on Putting Me Together. 

Bj111, believes that the saying, “clothes make the man” has scientific validity, after reading an article in the New York Times that suggests the possible cognitive effects of clothing. Sometimes a White Coat Isn’t Just a White Coat