I am so enjoying rich combinations of orange, coral and tomato red paired with their tonal mid-tone and pastel companions like peach, nude, blush and apricot. The colours remind me of my favourite flavours of yummy gelato – sweet, refreshing and cool. I have yet to put this palette into practice for my own style, but it has been popular with my clients this season. 

When creating a tonal ensemble with these colours, I like to choose one bright or mid-toned clothing item per outfit, and keep the rest of the clothing items in lighter shades of the same (or similar) hue. 

For the footwear and handbag, you have two options. Either use light neutrals like tans, off-white, cream, beige, taupe, gold, caramel, pewter, mushroom tones, light grey or silver. Or use tonal shades of the clothing items.

The items above actually create quite a nice mix-and-match capsule in this colour palette. That’s because some of the bright items work well together, like the tomato red blouse and the coral skirt. And although they are both in lighter shades, the apricot jeans and the light blush blouse work well together too. These lower contrast ensembles are great, but right now I find the ensemble stronger when it creates a contrast like I have done in the picture above.

I’ve kept the pieces solid, but feel free to create the same effect with tonal patterns and textures. Add in jewelry and accessories as desired. And treat yourself to some gelato!