This was the third and final event we attended during our recent trip to Chicago. After attending the absolutely divine morning wedding and luncheon, we had some time to take a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and studio before going back to the hotel to change for the evening banquet. 

Greg and I were focused on the ceremony earlier in the day as the main event, and we underestimated how dressy the banquet was going to be. What we thought was going to be a fancy, yet relaxed dinner, was actually a full blown, lavish banquet in a large ballroom. There were hundreds of people in attendance, all dressed to the nines in the most spectacular Indian attire. I was mesmerized by the utterly gorgeous outfits! And we both felt quite underdressed. 

I wore a sparkly grey midi dress, which is the same frock that I wore for the holidays last year. But a long formal gown would not have been out of place. I matched it up with a silky patterned blazer in a similar neutral colour palette. I changed up the vibe by sporting the blazer both buttoned and unbuttoned.

I wore the same red patent heels and carried the same clutch as I did for the second event. I also kept the specs, watch, wedding ring and hose just the same. I brightened up the lipstick and that was that. 

Every item in this outfit was shiny, from the frock and blazer, to the bag and shoes. And while I was not dressed to the nines, I was sparkly. I also felt extremely pattern-mixed against the carpet of the banqueting hall!

We flew back home to our Yorkie Rosie the next morning. As much as I love dressing up, I was also relieved to be back in socks and casual boots for the plane trip after sporting high heels for three events in a row. We had a fantastic time in Chicago, and are looking forward to visiting the wonderful city again soon.