Bold striped blazers were big last year and they are still making a fabulous statement for Spring. But my eye has wondered away from the striped blazer and it is making a beeline for the soft patterned versions that are emerging as Spring collections unfold. 

Soft printed blazers were love at first sight when I first spotted them at Barneys, Urban Outfitters and Zara this year. There is something about a printed floral blazer that screams Spring to me. They are soft, lightweight and fairly floppy, feeling a lot like a fully lined blouse with extra structure. Floral prints are rife, but you’ll find polka dots, stars, animal print and conversational prints too. They are perfect for our cool Seattle Springs and Summers, providing a warm weather look with the coverage. Makes a nice change to a cotton cardigan don’t you think? 

Printed Spring Blazers have mostly been matched with short shorts, but they are going to work with skirts, trousers, clamdiggers, cropped pants, longer shorts and jeans too — just like a regular blazer. 

I saw the black and grey floral blazer pictured below at Zara last week when out and about at the New York City YLF gathering. I tried it on, and it was mine. It was hung close to a scarf printed blouse in similar colours, which went home with me too because I had the idea of wearing these pieces together. I see that Zara had the same idea and styled that exact same blouse with my floral jacket on their website. 

What’s your verdict, ladies. Fancy wearing a floral printed blazer, or any printed blazer for that matter?