When the elastic waistbands of pantyhose are too tight and uncomfortable, they can dig into your flesh leaving huge red marks on your skin. Not so fab.

I recently stumbled upon a hosiery brand called “Commando” just because I liked the animal print pattern. I wore the pantyhose all day under a skirt with booties when I was at Fashion Week and they were so comfortable. The waistband elastic is designed in a way that does not dig into your flesh. In fact, I later noticed that this “dig-free” design feature is mentioned in the description of the product. 

Unfortunately, $32 is pricey for pantyhose. But it might be worth it at least once in a while. I was impressed with the silky and thicker quality of the pantyhose too. I definitely appreciated these little extras during a tiring time at fashion week. 

Do you recommend a brand of hosiery that is comfortable and a cut above the rest?