I knew I would be in the mood for something flirty and feminine after the bright and tight outfit that I wore the day before. I enjoy wearing full skirts just as much as their sleek penciled friends. This patterned skirt from Kate Spade is made of a stiff brocade that reminds me of upholstery. Ideally I’d have preferred it to be a couple of inches longer because, to my eye, that would look more elegant. I tried lengthening the skirt but there wasn’t enough hem. I can happily live with it’s knee length because the side entry pockets sold the skirt to me in the first place, along with the ease and swoosh of the style. 

The skirt came with a narrow black patent bowed belt, which did not tickle my toes. Too twee. So I swapped it out for a patterned zebra version to change up the vibe. A little pattern mixing and a little texture. I continued the subtle pattern mixing and animal print theme with the hose. 

This skirt looks good with chunky three inch pumps. But that wasn’t going to work at fashion week where I am on my feet the whole day. Instead, I matched it with old low heeled biker booties. I can walk for miles in these peds — and did. I also like the way they contrast against the girly integrity of the skirt. 

There is a lot going on at the bottom of the outfit, which is contrary to my usual minimal style. Pattern, texture, buckles AND shine. A plain black tucked-in turtleneck MUST simplify the look. I didn’t want to add a jacket because that would maximize the outfit even more. So I wore thermal undies to keep out the chill, along with my bright red coat. I’m wearing the same frame handled structured cream tote, but swapped out the specs for an oversized catseye style.  

These photos were taken at a fire station close to our hotel on the Upper West Side. As Greg was taking photos, firefighter Wayne jumped in and joined us on our shoot. Firefighters hold a special place in my heart because they fearlessly risk their lives on a daily basis to save other people and their property, so it’s very special that Wayne was part of this photoshoot.

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