I love bouncy full skirts that are on or just over the knee because they make a great change to a sleek pencil skirt. The way full skirts move and swoosh as you stride is a comforting as well as comfortable feeling. I also think they look elegant, dressed either up and down. 

Although I am all for happy full skirts, they have their drawbacks:

  • It’s a LOT of skirt and there is no way of getting around that no matter how well it drapes. There is drama and volume all at once, especially when it’s in a loud happy pattern.
  • The voluminous aspect can make you feel larger than your true size. In other words, it’s “too pouffy”. There are ways of adding sleekness to the silhouette if you are mindful of the design details. Choose a style that has a fitted bask (examples #2, #3 and my own bright skirt), as opposed to a style where the gathering or flare starts directly from the waistband (examples #1 and #4).
  • Full skirts can be twee and overly feminine. This style screams “lady-like” and although that’s one of the reasons I like them so much, the effect is sickeningly sweet to others. The good news is that you can add a tougher edge to the look, which is another way I like to wear my full skirts. Think of mixing it up with denim, leather and distressed footwear. 
  • This type of skirt looks best with a tucked in top, which is a drawback to those who dislike tucking. There are ways of wearing un-tucked tops with full skirts, so don’t let that put you off the style (a topic for another day). 

You’re in luck if you like full skirts, because they are making a fashion statement this season. That being said, the retro integrity of this type of skirt is always in style and stands the test of time. Full skirts are trendy right now, but to my eye are classics at heart.

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