I’m talking about buttoning up soft drapey blouses and more rigid button down shirts all the way to the top of the neckline as seen in these photos. I LOVE this look and vote with a big fat yay. To my eye the effect is modern and cool. 

I’ve been wearing this look with both blouses and shirts since the ’80s and often pop the collar as well as buttoning right up to the top. Recently, I like to wear my shirts and blouses buttoned up more frequently because I can skip accessories like scarves and necklaces, and still look interesting. And although I wear my scarves and pearl necklaces, wearing very few or no accessories is one of my current style goals.     

My regular sized bust, long neck and very short hair work with a buttoned up look. I am also a huge shirt-and-blouse-gal, so it’s no wonder that the aesthetic appeals to me. But I get that its not everyone’s cup of tea. Understandably, some will find a buttoned up look restrictive, uncomfortable, overly strict, unfeminine, conservative, unflattering and frumpy.

Would you wear a buttoned up shirt or blouse? If it’s not for you, can you appreciate this look on others. Or does it look awful no matter what.

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