The first few days of Fashion Week are often the best because energy levels are high all round. The street fashion is particularly eye catching and photographers go to great lengths to capture as much as possible. I’m as exhilarated as everyone else, so I like to pull out an extra happy outfit on our first day.

For me, happy outfits either mean cheerful colours, or ensemble components with a nostalgic flavour. I covered both criteria with this outfit. Wearing tomato red and yellow puts me into a good mood. Wearing plaid skinnies takes me back to my much loved fashion conscious teens in the ’80s. It felt like the right combination to start off the week. 

It was love at first sight when I first saw these bright yellow tartan skinnies online last year. The colour, cut and pattern made my heart happy and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. But it took me a LONG time to actually bite the bullet and proceed with the order because they felt borderline age inappropriate for this 41 year old. Well, I ordered them. 

They passed quality, fit, silhouette, colour and comfort control with flying colours. I was 90% sure that I was keeping them but that unsure 10% kept niggling at my conscious. So off I went to Greg, whose stye judgement I trust implicitly, to ask him what he thought. He sealed the deal by saying that he loved these tartan skinnies, so much so that they have become one of his favourite things that I wear. With such a high seal of approval from my soul mate, I wear these tartan darlings with even greater pleasure.

I must wear a sophisticated and lady-like edge with these skinnies to feel like my style. A form fitting black turtleneck is a no-brainer because it’s crisp, classic and clean. A more refined leather jacket as opposed to a moto style with lots of hardware creates a more chic and grown-up effect. I finished off the look with bold low heeled cream booties and structured frame handled satchel. Although the bag and boots are bold, their simple designs and the richness of the cream adds a much needed softness to the outfit. I also chose my daintiest specs for the final soft touch.

I am miserable when cold, and it was quite chilly in NYC yesterday. So I popped my tomato red wool coat over the entire lot, and added a pair of cashmere lined black leather gloves. I was toasty and energized the entire day.

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