Cropped trousers and jeans with lengths that finish just above the ankle, or a few inches above the ankle, started coming through in full force last year, both for Spring and Autumn. They are here again with even greater gusto this year. And after recently viewing the Fall collections at fashion week, it is clear to me that these cropped lengths are sticking around. 

I have repeatedly shared my apprehension about this particular length of cropped trouser and jean, and it’s still there. My eyes are not poisoned against the silhouette, but I do find it extremely hard to pull off with style. My suggestion is to proceed with caution. They can shorten the leg line — even on a tall and leggy model — and to my eye this is unflattering. Of course, if creating a long leg line is not your figure flattering priority, the silhouette will be less of a concern. Personally I strive to create a long leg line with my own outfits because I think the proportions look more attractive that way. 

That being said, you can create a long leg line with cropped trousers and jeans (here are my guidelines) . Revealing the ankle bone is alluring and breezy, and I can see the appeal of this cropped length. You can also purchase cropped trousers or jeans and shorten them to a length that finishes a few inches below the knee. I’ve found the slightly shorter length generally more flattering on most body types. This is how I intend to approach the cropped trouser trend because I prefer to create a long leg line without wearing heels. 

Over to you. What are your feelings on the unstoppable cropped trouser and jeans trend? Do you find the length flattering? Will you wear the silhouette? If so, will you try to create a long leg line, or is that of no concern? Are you going to shorten the hems a little like I plan to do?