Cropped pants and midi skirts are very on trend. But this poll is not just about those trouser and skirt silhouettes. We’ll extend the poll to include ALL styles of non-denim trousers and skirts. 

You are on Team Trousers if you prefer to wear trousers over skirts. You are on Team Skirt if you prefer to wear skirts over trousers. Note that trousers does NOT mean jeans. 

If you asked me this question two years ago, it would have been Team Skirts all the way. I just didn’t wear trousers unless they were jeans. However, I started getting bored of my pencil skirts and I didn’t have any full skirts (only dresses with full skirts). I’ve accumulated a few full silhouettes which has rekindled my love for skirts, AND I’m back to wearing pencil skirts after giving them a bit of a break. But trousers are definitely my new wardrobe love and I’m having fun adding them into my style. I am all over ’80s inspired pleated and slouchy trouser styles as long as they aren’t cropped. I also love wearing black cigarette pants, silky harem pants, classic grey pinstriped suit trousers, micro check pants, tapered glen plaid trousers, and bright tartan skinnies. I am on Team Trousers. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Trousers or Team Skirt? Tell us why, and no batting for both sides.