Today is kick-off day for our third YLF Book Club virtual meet-up. I think it’s fitting and fun we’ll be talking about 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion right after Fall 2012 Fashion Week. The last models exited the catwalk only yesterday, I’m still dazzled by all the rich materials and gorgeous detailing of the collections, and chomping at the bit to incorporate some of the new colours and trends into my wardrobe later this year.

In this light it’s extra interesting to read Harriet Worsley’s take on the ideas, movements and inventions that “rerouted the course of fashion and without which womenswear would not be what it is today”. Between 1900 and 2010 the world at large and the fashion industry changed drastically. Quite a few of these changes have had a significant impact on women’s lives, and not just on a fashion level. 

Think about the freedom of movement knitwear has brought us, for example, or the practicality and mass appeal of jeans. From abandoning the corset, the emergence of the bra, trousers for women, the invention of the zipper, comfortable and affordable fabrics like rayon to disposable fashion and mass-manufacturing, the “rebellious” T-shirt, the internet age and eco fashion. They’re all represented in the book, each with background information and a fab, full-page picture. Anecdotes aplenty as well. For example, did you know that Marlene Dietrich was once asked to leave Paris because she was wearing a trouser suit? A very controversial look at the time!

Which garment or style invention do you feel has revolutionized the world of fashion over the last century? Tell us in the comments section, and be sure to drop by the Book Club forum to join the discussion.

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