Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber produced from naturally occurring polymers. It’s a killer fiber and one that I actively seek out in both woven and knitted items of clothing because of its superior drape, substance and luster.

The positive properties of rayon are especially noticeable in rayon-rich knitted tops. They feel as soft and cool against the body as natural fibers like cotton and silk, but they don’t cling because the fabric is weighty and substantial. This prevents the dreaded midriff muffin top cling. Also, synthetic fibers are more stable than natural fibers. So items made of rayon retain their shape after laundering, whereas often, cotton knit garments stretch out of shape. And the added sheen on the fiber is a plus because it makes for a more pristine garment.

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These tried and tested knitted rayon garments are flattering on the body. Look at the drape on those sleeves! Delicious.